Friday, June 15, 2012

Tee Shirt Resize/Restyle

Hey everybody! So before I head on into today's What I Wore Today post, I thought that I'd just do a quick post about what I did today. I was extremely bored, and since I had this idea just last night, I decided to proceed with the plan. I have inherited this oversized tee shirt from my father, who got it from a tee shirt forum that he is a part of (long story). But when he received it, it was much too girly and neon filled. So he gave it to me. And I then proceeded to restyle/resize it to fit me. It started out an XL, and I estimate that it's a S or M by now. I don't really know what size I wear. But whatever size I wear, that's what it is now.

I am thoroughly excited about how it turned out, and feel like I did a really good job. I did it all by hand too. No machine was involved in the making of this shirt. Normally I would have used the machine, but I felt that for a piece as bold as this, the character added by hand stitching might be the perfect contrast. I wouldn't say that it looks homemade though. I think it looks like it was made to look like it was hand sewn (I've seen stuff like that before).

But anyways. Like Sarah said earlier, she's been having problems with getting her photos to upload, but we can all hope that she'll be up soon. I hope so! But I'll see you guys later. Peace out.

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