Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey guys!!!! So this is my first post for the blog, thanks to Jordan! Well........Where to start. I'm Sarah and Jordan is like my best friend. She asked me about a week ago if I would like to model her clothes and I was SO excited when she asked me! I got to see some of her sketches and ideas the 
other day and lets just say you guys are going to be in for a treat! ;) For the clothing, its going to be
modest and fun! We are new and young, and like Jordan said, We are both very determined about this!! I think these  factors can contribute to our success as well as your help supporting us! That about wraps up my intro.......Now for some of the other fun stuff!! :D Jordan brought up today about doing a "What I'm wearing today" post and I was thrilled at the idea! I saw the pic and post today and have to say loved the combination, my fav. pieces of the outfit were the belt and scarf!! Her "Mustache necklace" is a favorite  as always!! She always gets complements from everybody about it! My outfit today may have been quite the opposite from Jordan's, it was very relaxed and compfortable. I didn't take a picture, but I can give you the details, so you won't be left out :P
Its two simple pieces: a Gray t-shirt with some comfy khaki cargo shorts. The t-shirt has a logo from California as well as coming from there, so might not be an easy purchase, and my shorts came from JCPenney's. Promise I will take a picture tomorrow!!
I'd like to thank Jordan for letting me be apart of this!! :) Until tomorrow.......-Sarah :D

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