Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Altered/Restyled Sweatshirt

Hello everyone! I'm back; I know that it's been a while, but with school and everything, I've just been really busy, as has Sarah. So I've kind of been neglecting the blog. However, I still have been working on the fashion collection, and have been experimenting around a bit, which is kind of nice. I'm getting ready to start work on the very first piece of clothing, and I'm super excited!

Anyways, let's focus right now on what I came here today to post about, which was an alteration of a sweatshirt that I did. Originally when I decided that I wanted to do something creative with this sweater, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I thought that I wanted to cut the sleeves off for sure, and make it short sleeved. I thought that I was going to cuff them. So I started work on it, and started by cutting off the sleeves to the right length. Then, I decided to fit the whole thing, which I wasn't originally going to do. I also cut off the collar, and gave myself a kind of boat neck. Also, I cut off the bottom ribbing.

When it came to the sleeves though, I eventually got rid of my initial idea of cuffed sleeves, I liked this one much better; I flared them out. I thought that it would look pretty cool, and give it a unique twist, which I was ready for. I really like the way that it turned out.

Anyways, that's all I have for you guys today. I'm not sure quite when I'll be back, but I am planning on updating with notes about the lines itself quite regularly. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

6.25.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

This is where it gets real. I've been wearing pretty nice looking outfits for a while now. And I've shared them with you each and every single day. But it's a day like today that is when I don't want to do anything. I was tired. REALLY tired. I felt like I could sleep all day. Plus, I had a pounding headache. In my eye. So this is what I wore. A plain black tee shirt and navy workout shorts. Yep. Nothing else. No accessories to spice it up. I was tired. I wasn't going anywhere. I didn't care what my family thought. And, quite frankly, I don't really care what you guys think. ;) We all have our days. This is one of mine.

Black Basic Tee: My Dad.
'Russell Athletic' Navy Workout Shorts: Sports Authority

At least I was on here earlier today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have an outfit that's a little better looking. See you guys later.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

6.24.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey guys, it's Jordan. Again with the late post; sorry about that. I'll really try to do better tomorrow. But actually, I didn't change until a bit later in the day anyways, since I was really just lazing around. I was way too lazy to really want to do anything. We're lucky I put my contacts in. Some days I don't. Not at all.

Here's a bit of a closer view of the neckware (word?) today. I stacked a couple of necklaces on top of each other, and then went with it. I wasn't too careful about anything; I honestly just wanted something comfy to laze around the house in. Here's what I used today:

Black Tee: My Dad
'Mudd' Graphic Tank: Khols
Merona Jeans: Khols
Scarf (Unknown Manufacturer): Target
Paid In Full Necklace: School Donation Shop
Black Beaded Necklace: Myself

And that's it for today. Hope you guys have a good rest of the night, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

6.23.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey everyone. I'm back with you guys again today, but with a really short What I Wore Today post. I was out and about a lot today, so I'm extremely tired. And that's why this post is so short. With not that many things that I wore today. I was going for complete and total comfort with this, and I'm glad I did.  Sorry for the weird picture as well; my sister was sleeping in the bedroom, so I couldn't take the picture in there. I was also wearing my mustache necklace, but took it off before taking the picture.

'AE Outfitters' Graphic Tee: Thrifted
'Merona' Jeans: Target
'SO' Jacket: Khols
Mustache Necklace: Forever 21

And that's that! I'll see you guys tomorrow with a bit of a longer post. :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

6.22.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hello my friends! Hope you guys had a good day today. I think that I have a fairly interesting What I Wore Today outfit for you guys, so I hope you enjoy. I liked the way it turned out, even though I wasn't sure if it would work when I put it on. However, something that I've learned from experimenting with clothing is that you never know exactly what to expect until you try it.

I decided to take it easy with the accessories today, as I didn't feel like layering a whole bunch of stuff. Plus, I really thought that the scarf really spoke for itself in this outfit. If you want to see other outfits with this same scarf, you can look here or here. The basic concept that I was trying to achieve with this outfit was to have the scarf actually look like a layer of clothing instead of a scarf. And I think that I achieved that rather well. However, moving on, here are the pieces for today.

'Not Of This World' Graphic Tee: Thrifted
'SO' Khaki Pants: Khols
'Mudd' Hat: Khols
Belt (Unknown Manufacturer): Khols
Scarf (Unknown Manufacturer): Target
'Ralph Lauren' Gray Blazer: Gift
Black Beaded Necklace: Myself

And that's what I have for you guys today! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

6.21.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey everyone! How's it going?

So I'm here again with you guys today, with yet another What I Wore Today post. Sarah's going to be doing her's tomorrow!! :) :) She was sick for a few days, as you might have seen earlier, and that's why she wasn't posting. I'm glad she's better now though. And I can't wait to see what she comes up with for HER What I Wore Today post. But let's go onto mine, shall we?

My outfit today was a bit more basic. But I like that too. I was just experimenting with layering a few different clothing layers, as well as stacking some necklaces. A few more than I'm used to, but I thought it still looked nice. I did four today. Normally I've been doing two, but I have done three before.

Ha. I make myself laugh with the faces I make sometimes though. It's a little bit weird to see what it is that I actually look like. I think I'm a crazy person most of the time. Who knows what I was thinking when I took this picture. Plus, I think it is physically impossible for me to smile when someone's not making me laugh. Which is a little hard to do to yourself. At least in the moment anyways. 

But let's get on to the outfit.

'SO' Basic Tee: Khols
'SO' Long Sleeved Striped Shirt: Khols
'Union Bay' Cargo Shorts: Khols
'Star Wars' Graphic Tee: Gift
Black Beaded Necklace: Myself
Paper Beaded Necklace: Myself
Cross Necklace: My mom.
'Paid In Full' Necklace: School Donation Shop

And that would be that. 

I know that I say the same phrases a lot. But what can I say. That's me. :) So I'll see you guys tomorrow. Adios for now.
Hey everyone!! Very very sorry for not posting. I've been sick for the past couple of days and my combo of sleepware have been quite interesting. I finally got my camera to work so tomorrow I will officially start my "What I wear today post"!!! Thanks :)-Sarah

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6.20.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey everybody! How's it going with all of you guys today? I hope good. 

I really like the way today's What I Wore Today outfit turned out. It seemed to me that the last couple of days had been a bit more casual; not that much going on. Though today I really liked the way it turned out. Not over the top or anything like that, just really pulled together in an overall nice way. Of course, I'm extremely biased though. I'm pretty sure you could tell. ;)

And again with the purple. I know I keep telling you guys that it's not my favorite color. But it does look nice on me. I have green eyes though, so they actually compliment each other really well. Once, when I got my hair cut, they gave me complimentary make up. I don't normally wear make up or eyeshadow, but when I did, I would use my favorite colors, or a color that I thought would match the outfit. I learned that isn't the way that it need to be done. What you need to do is match it so that it compliments your skin, eyes, and hair. And she chose purple for me. And it looked good. Ever since then, I've been a bigger fan of purple than I was before.

I was also stacking the necklaces again, like I've been doing for the past few days. It's been a part of my daily outfit for a while now, and I really like the way it looks.

But let's move onto the pieces themselves.

'SO' Basic Tee: Khols
'SO' Black Jacket: Khols
'Mudd' Hat: Khols
Belt (Unknown Manufacturer): Khols
'Union Bay' Cargo Shorts: Khols
Oil Stain on Shorts: Costa Rica
'Lounge' Leopard and Lace Tank: Maurices
Typewriter Monogram Necklace: Etsy
Beaded Necklace: Myself

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6.19.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey everyone! I'm back in the blogosphere once more with yet another What I Wore Today post to share with all of you wonderful viewers. It means a lot to me to see all of your visits, and it would mean a lot to me to hear from you. If you ask a question in the comments, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

However, I digress. 

Today's outfit is fairly simple in comparison to some of the things that I have shown on here in the past, but I still believe it to be an effective and composed outfit as a whole.

And yes, this is the same blazer I was wearing yesterday.

The tee shirt that I'm wearing today says as follows:

"I'm the wretch the song refers to."

I love that. I honestly don't think that I can explain to you how much I love that. Because I am. I'm not perfect, that's a fact. And this shows that I understand and admit that. My dad printed this shirt for me. Cause he can do that. Also, in the photo above, you can fairly easily see the bracelets I wore today. I used the faux diamond one I wore here, and a friendship bracelet I got in Costa Rica.

And here are the necklaces for today. I'm going to give you a tip. For stacking necklaces. Or bracelets. It works about the same in both manners.

Mix textures.

That's how you get it to look good. For example, in the photo above, you can see that I am wearing three different necklaces. My mustache necklace, with which I am in love, and two beaded necklaces, which I made. One is made from glass beads, one is made from paper beads, and one is made from metal. Yet they still work. And are effective as a whole. Also, mixing lengths helps a lot. This tip is especially useful with stacking necklaces.

And here we have one last picture for you all, just for laughs. Go ahead. Laugh at me. I honestly don't care. I laugh at myself. Because I'm just that hilarious.

Here are the pieces for today.

Printed 'Wretch' Tee: My Dad.
Baseball Hat: My Dad.
'Lizsport Petite' Black Blazer: Gift
'Tyte' Khaki Shorts: Thrift Store
Belt (Unknown Manufacturer): Khols
Diamond Bangle: Khols
Lime Green Friendship Bracelet: Costa Rica
Silver Hoop Earrings (Unknown Manufacturer): Walmart
Mustache Necklace: Forever 21
Black Beaded Necklace: Myself (Homemade)
Paper Beaded Necklace: Myself (Homemade)

Hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, June 18, 2012

6.18.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey guys! I'm back with you guys today, and I have another What I Wore Today post for you guys. I hope that you've been enjoying these as much as I've enjoyed doing them, and I plan to continue on for quite some time. Here's to hoping that Sarah can come and join us soon!

Anyways, in today's outfit, I decided to experiment with layers with the shirts themselves. I've layered bracelets before, as well as layering necklaces. I did with the necklaces again today as well, but I thought that it would be cool to do a couple of open layers on top of a basic tank. And I really love the way that it turned out. I used a plaid shirt underneath of a black blazer. The blazer has some really cool button details on the sleeves as well.

Here's another view of what it looks like overall. I really love the way the layers in the necklaces compliment the layers of clothing. And yes, in case you were wondering, this is the same plaid shirt that I used here and here. It's the only one that I have. At least in this kind of style.

And here you can see the button detail on the sleeve of the blazer. I love this jacket so much, but I don't wear it as much as I should/could. It's mostly me just hoarding jackets and blazers because I like them. That's what I'm trying to work with more as of late. Plus, you can just take them off if it gets too hot. Simple? I think so.

Let's continue, shall we?

'SO' Khaki Pants: Khols
'Mossimo Supply Co.' Plaid Shirt: Khols
'Champion' Basic Tank: Target
'Lizsport Petite' Black Blazer: Gift
Mustache Necklace: Forever 21
Paid In Full Necklace (Unknown Manufacturer): School Donation Shop

And that would be that! For today at least! I hope you check back tomorrow, as I'll be here!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

6.17.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

 Hello everybody! How are you guys doing today? I have a bit more of a dressed up outfit for your What I Wore Today post, as I tried to assemble something a bit out of the ordinary. Combining weird and unique pieces with each other, especially in ways that nobody else would ever think of, is my specialty. And I love it.

Here's a pretty decent view of my necklaces that I wore today, along with the glasses and my hat. Which I love by the way. One of my favorite accessories are definitely hats. They are just so unique, and since I can pull them off, I tend to go along with it anyways. 

And here are the bracelets that I ended up wearing today. I never really know how I come up with my combinations; I just kind of go with the flow. Normally, people would probably never think to put these two pieces together, but I really like the effect that they give together. But let's go on to the actual pieces.

'SO' Basic Tee: Khols
'SO' Striped V-Neck Tee: Khols
Belt (Unknown Manufacturer): Khols
Bracelets: Khols
'Mudd' Hat: Khols
'Tyte' Khaki Shorts: Thrift Store
Sunglasses: Walmart
Black Seed Bead Necklace: Myself
Black Beaded Necklace: Myself
Mustache Necklace: Forever 21
'Ralph Lauren' Gray Blazer: Gift

And that's what I have for you guys today! I'll see you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

6.16.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey everybody! How's it going? I've been just chilling for the past couple of days, as we have had some friends from our hometown come to visit us/stay with us. That's why the blog posts have been so late as of the past few days. Because in the daylight hours we're busy spending time with them before they leave. And they're leaving Monday morning.  But anyways, let's get on to today's post. For the actual clothing part of it.

For today's What I Wore Today post, I decided to build my outfit around my mustache necklace. I mentioned briefly yesterday that I had lost it, and that's why you didn't see it then. But since then, I made it my goal to find it and build a good outfit around it. Because I just love it that much.

As you have seen, I have been dressing rather casually; that's because of our friends coming to visit. I never really know what we're going to be doing during the day, so I just wear casual stuff so we can do anything, and I don't have to worry about anything. That's just kind of my style.

But anyways. Here's the list for today:

'SO' Basic Tee (Purple): Khols
Coca Cola Graphic Tee (Unknown Manufacturer): Khols
'SO' Black Jacket: Khols
'Union Bay' Cargo Shorts: Khols
Oil Paint Stain on Shorts: Costa Rica
Mustache Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses (Unknown Manufacturer): Walmart
Earrings (Unknown Manufacturer): Walmart

And that would be that! I hope you were inspired, and will check back with us tomorrow! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

6.15.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey everyone! Just a quick What I Wore Today post for you guys; I decided to get back to the basics with today's outfit, if you could say that. Barely any jewelry today; no necklaces. No mustache today, as I couldn't find it. Disappointing, I know. We all wanted to see mustache. I miss him. However, I hope that you guys still enjoy it.

By the way, the tee shirt is the one that I resized/restyled, and can be found here. Go ahead and check it out. It was an XL when I started out, and is now a size S or M. Did it all by hand too. But let's continue on here...

Graphic Tee: My Dad
'Mossimo Supply Co.' Plaid Shirt: Khols
'Tyte' Khaki Shorts: Thrift Store
Friendship Bracelet: Made from plastic bags

And that's my outfit today. Like I said, I wanted comfort today. I was way too lazy to do anything. And I think we're going to have to deal with that. I have my moments, just like anybody else. But here's to hoping that the moments aren't often.

Tee Shirt Resize/Restyle

Hey everybody! So before I head on into today's What I Wore Today post, I thought that I'd just do a quick post about what I did today. I was extremely bored, and since I had this idea just last night, I decided to proceed with the plan. I have inherited this oversized tee shirt from my father, who got it from a tee shirt forum that he is a part of (long story). But when he received it, it was much too girly and neon filled. So he gave it to me. And I then proceeded to restyle/resize it to fit me. It started out an XL, and I estimate that it's a S or M by now. I don't really know what size I wear. But whatever size I wear, that's what it is now.

I am thoroughly excited about how it turned out, and feel like I did a really good job. I did it all by hand too. No machine was involved in the making of this shirt. Normally I would have used the machine, but I felt that for a piece as bold as this, the character added by hand stitching might be the perfect contrast. I wouldn't say that it looks homemade though. I think it looks like it was made to look like it was hand sewn (I've seen stuff like that before).

But anyways. Like Sarah said earlier, she's been having problems with getting her photos to upload, but we can all hope that she'll be up soon. I hope so! But I'll see you guys later. Peace out.

Make sure you go over here to see my What I Wore Today post; using this tee!
Hey everyone! Remember how I said I was going to show you what I wore a couple of days ago? I was just about to upload the picture of my outfit, when my camera told me it couldn't upload. So I've been trying to figure out whats wrong for the last couple of days. As soon as I figure it out I will upload my pictures, So for now bare with me. Thanks! :) Also the other day Jordan came up with an awesome theme for some clothing, and lets just say she isn't the only one inspired!! :D O....By the way, I saw Jordan's last post and I have to say,"Your still rocking that scarf Jordan!" Anyways thats just a brief overview of whats going on with me.  Excited about the ideas and designs coming soon! -Sarah :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

6.14.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey guys. It's me again. Jordan. And I have another What I Wore Today post for all of you to see. Before I go on, I must tell you. My favorite color is not purple. I swear to you it's not. It's blue. But I seem to find all of the cool clothing in purple and pink. It's a disappointment, for me especially, but I get used to it. I just thought that I'd throw that out there. And yes, this is the same scarf that I was wearing on Tuesday. But I'll get to that in a minute.

Today I experimented once again with the stacked necklaces. I didn't use to do this that much, but I really enjoy the way that it looks, so I'm probably going to stick with it. For a little while at least. There will be a better view of that in a little bit. But let's talk about the scarf now, shall we? Okay. So the scarf is, like I said before, the same one that I wore the other day. But I wore it differently. On Tuesday, I wrapped it around my neck and let the little, stubby ends just hang out. And yes, that's how I'm going to describe it. But today I draped it around my neck with both ends of it hanging down the front. Then, all you have to do is belt it around the waist. It actually ends up looking a lot like a vest. Which I also like. Adds more variation to your wardrobe in my opinion.

Please excuse the messy bed in the background. I promise it isn't as bad as it looks. But here, in this picture, you can see my hat. My black, backwards baseball cap. Or my trucker hat, as my mom likes to call it. However, I have been told, on multiple occasions, by various people, that I am the only girl they know that can pull off a baseball cap in any way, shape or form. Or one of the few anyways. I personally think that it has something to do with the personality.

And here we are, back at the necklaces. Today I didn't wear my mustache, sadly, as I normally wear it every day. But here's the thing. The mustache kept tangling up with the monogram necklace. And the monogram simply went better. Sadly. I miss my mustache.

Onward we go, in order to discover the locations of these pieces of clothing!

'OP' Basic Tee: Khols
'Merona' Jeans: Khols
Belt (Unknown Manufacturer): Khols
Purple Graphic Tee: An airport. In who knows where.
Printed Scarf (Unknown Manufacturer): Target
Sunglasses (Unknown Manufacturer): Walmart
Baseball Cap: My dad.
Typewriter Monogram Necklace: Etsy
Beaded Necklace: Myself
Pink and Purple Bracelet: Myself

Farewell my friends. Until we meet again.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rough Sketch Ideas

Hey guys! I've got a few more sketches for you guys today, even though these were very rough basic drafts. This was basically me trying to get the ideas out of my brain before they mixed together and exploded into a muddy mess of an outfit. You designers out there will probably feel me. If not, then you can think that I'm insane. It's okay. I don't mind.

The business sketches have been going fairly decent today. I love summer for this type of stuff; it's amazing what you can get done when you don't have to do homework. At least for me it is. I came up with a new concept for a line today; I can't quite share it with you guys yet; it's nowhere near ready. But be excited. Because I was gathering some inspiration up today, and might even work on some sketches for it tomorrow. We'll see what comes up. With me, I just have to play it by ear. That seems to be a lot of what I do. Let everything flow naturally, and do what I want to, when I want to. That's the way my brain works. And I don't see why I should have to do it any differently.

Thanks for coming to visit us today at The Minority, and I hope to see you tomorrow! Adios!

6.13.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey guys! It's me again, and I'm here with you guys today with my second What I Wore Today post. I hope that yesterday's postings really inspired you, and you got to say hello to Sarah! If you haven't seen her post yet, you can click here to see her introduction! Make her feel welcome! 

So, like I said before, I'm back with another content filled post. I'm sure that after some time has passed, you guys will probably start to get a sense of what our individual styles are. Even though mine might be a little difficult to put a finger on. To tell you the absolute truth, I don't really know what my style is. Besides eclectic. I mix everything that I love together to make one quirky, individual style that is near impossible to replicate. That's why I love it so much. I'm unique. And totally me.

So now, onto the actual content of the post! In the photo above I think I give you a pretty decent representation of what the layered necklaces look like today. This seems to be something that I've really been loving lately. I love the way it looks, and how unique you can truly be.

Also, you get a little peek at some of the faces that make all of my friends laugh. They say that the looks I make are hilarious. I don't know if I see it.

So, without further ado, here are today's pieces!

'SO' Grey Tee: Khols
'Mudd' Camera Tee: Khols
'Maurices' Vest: Maurices
'Merona' Jeans: Target
Mustache Necklace: Forever 21
Black Beaded Necklace: Myself
Faux Diamond Earrings: Walmart

And there we have it.

I'm hoping that you guys liked this outfit and were inspired by it. You guys are awesome! Thanks for visiting, and I'll see you later! Peace.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey guys!!!! So this is my first post for the blog, thanks to Jordan! Well........Where to start. I'm Sarah and Jordan is like my best friend. She asked me about a week ago if I would like to model her clothes and I was SO excited when she asked me! I got to see some of her sketches and ideas the 
other day and lets just say you guys are going to be in for a treat! ;) For the clothing, its going to be
modest and fun! We are new and young, and like Jordan said, We are both very determined about this!! I think these  factors can contribute to our success as well as your help supporting us! That about wraps up my intro.......Now for some of the other fun stuff!! :D Jordan brought up today about doing a "What I'm wearing today" post and I was thrilled at the idea! I saw the pic and post today and have to say loved the combination, my fav. pieces of the outfit were the belt and scarf!! Her "Mustache necklace" is a favorite  as always!! She always gets complements from everybody about it! My outfit today may have been quite the opposite from Jordan's, it was very relaxed and compfortable. I didn't take a picture, but I can give you the details, so you won't be left out :P
Its two simple pieces: a Gray t-shirt with some comfy khaki cargo shorts. The t-shirt has a logo from California as well as coming from there, so might not be an easy purchase, and my shorts came from JCPenney's. Promise I will take a picture tomorrow!!
I'd like to thank Jordan for letting me be apart of this!! :) Until tomorrow.......-Sarah :D

Shirt Concept/Color Scheme

Hey everybody! I'm here again. Jordan that is. And this time I have another sneak preview of the line for you guys. This is my idea book. It's filled with sketches, clippings, and color ideas. Sometimes some of the stuff that is in this is kind of random. A lot of people might not really get the way I do things, but that's the way I work. On this page, there are a couple shirt concept ideas, an idea that I might work with a pair of shorts, and a color pallet idea. Not really sure where this one is going to go overall, but sometimes I just have to sketch.

This morning I woke up at seven o' clock in the morning and just had this idea for a fashion design. Then I started sketching, and came up with about four or five concepts. Every time I would draw a piece, I would come up with another idea. And I drew a few 2nd drafts as well. After a few drafts, then you start to realize what it is that you want the piece to look like. The first draft is normally nothing like the final draft. At least not to me it's not. For example, the piece I'm showing you above (the tank with the bow) is in it's first draft stage. I look at that right now, and am already coming up with other ways that I could do that. To make it more unique. 

I just don't know how to put that into sketch form yet. I know that it sounds kind of weird, but sometimes I have ideas that I simply cannot express. It's the same way with my thoughts on everyday life. If somebody asks me a very difficult question that takes a lot of thought, I might pause for some time before I finally am able to respond. I have to develop the ideas in my mind; find a way for it all to make sense. I don't want to end up saying something that I don't mean. And I want to be understood. Sometimes that's how I feel about my art. And my fashion design. I can't express the thoughts before they are fully developed in my brain. It just doesn't work.

6.12.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey guys! Guess what Sarah and I decided to do. We're each going to do a "What I Wore Today" post. Hopefully every day. But we'll see how that one goes. We will see. So, as you can see from the photo above, I like to dress in layers. A lot of layers. Which is quite unfortunate, since I live in a warm climate. But that's okay. I just stay inside. That makes everything better. Until I want to play basketball. But then I just change. That's the way it normally works for me. So anyways. ONTO THE OUTFIT!

As you can probably see, I have a very eclectic style. To say the least. I like to mix anything and everything that I love into one outfit. And then I like to see what people think. Just a note, before I get onto what it is that I'm actually wearing in this eclectic ensemble; most of my clothing comes from Khols. I love the style of their clothing, plus they are always having excellent sales. Which is always a plus. But I'll list anyways, what I'm wearing, and where I got it. Some of the brands have been lost, so I might just put unknown. We'll see.

Basic Brown 'SO' Tee: Khols
'Mudd' Printed Tee: Khols
Black 'Candies' Belt: Khols
Orange 'SO' Shorts: Khols
'Mudd' Hat: Khols
'Mossimo Supply Co.' Plaid Shirt: Khols
Printed Scarf (Unknown Manufacturer): Target
Mustache Necklace: Forever 21
Paid In Full Necklace: School Donation Store
Lime Green Friendship Bracelet: Costa Rica Gift Shop
Multicolored Friendship Bracelet: Myself. I made it.

And that would be that! 

Hope you guys have a good rest of the day, and I might post later on with an update on the line. Not sure. We'll see. Talk to you later!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Idea Board

Hey everybody. I'm here. And I know that it's a little later than I had originally hoped to be here. But I'm here now. And that's what matters. The thing is, I have some actual content for you guys today. I don't have any clothing yet. But I do have an inspiration board to share. This picture truly represents the overall concept for the line, and, even though I'm still tossing around ideas for the title, it's probably be something like 'Feminine Fancy'. I think that would really encompass it.

However, there are still come components to this line that aren't shown in this picture. I have other papers. Other collages. And lots more ideas.

I've also started some sketching for the line. Most of the concepts are still in their 1st draft form, but they are being further developed as we speak. I've been tossing concepts around, and am trying to figure out exactly how it is that I want to do this. We'll see. We will see.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Minority - A Fashion Business

Hey everybody out there in the blogosphere! How are you guys doing today? Hopefully good. But I can't hear you, so that's kind of a downfall... Anyways. I'm here today to share with you a new, up and coming fashion business. Called 'The Minority'. Now most of you are probably wondering what it is that makes The Minority so much different from every other fashion line out there. Well. That's what I'm going to share with you today.

The Minority is a business that was started by me. Jordan. Then I asked one of my very good friends, Sarah, to model for me and be my partner in the matter. She said yes. But this is one of the different things about our business. We're both 15. And we're both extremely determined to do this. I'm not going to give up. That's not my style. And I'm pretty sure that Sarah's not going to give up either.

So that's one thing that's different. But there is another. I have always been extensively excited about being modest when I'm dressing. I don't like the way that dressing in a revealing manner makes me feel. It makes me feel kind of looked down upon. And I don't like that. At all. So I decided to try and find some ways to dress modestly while still looking up to date and trendy. And it turned out that I was good at it. Mixing colors and patterns has always been a part of me, ever since I was extremely young. I just had never expressed it in fashion before.

So that's what this blog is all about. Currently Sarah and I are working on two clothing lines and their coordinating jewelry lines. And you guys are going to be able to follow us through the whole process. Through the design process, getting fabric samples, making patterns, sewing the sample clothing pieces, adjusting the patterns, sewing the final copies, and finally selling them on Etsy. Where all of you guys that have been following me will be able to buy the pieces. 

That's what I wanted to share with you guys today. Tomorrow I was considering sharing some pictures of the very basic sketches that you could look at, but nothing too revealing; I still want the finished lines to be somewhat of a surprise! So I hope that you guys will come back to visit soon, and I'll see you then!