Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shirt Concept/Color Scheme

Hey everybody! I'm here again. Jordan that is. And this time I have another sneak preview of the line for you guys. This is my idea book. It's filled with sketches, clippings, and color ideas. Sometimes some of the stuff that is in this is kind of random. A lot of people might not really get the way I do things, but that's the way I work. On this page, there are a couple shirt concept ideas, an idea that I might work with a pair of shorts, and a color pallet idea. Not really sure where this one is going to go overall, but sometimes I just have to sketch.

This morning I woke up at seven o' clock in the morning and just had this idea for a fashion design. Then I started sketching, and came up with about four or five concepts. Every time I would draw a piece, I would come up with another idea. And I drew a few 2nd drafts as well. After a few drafts, then you start to realize what it is that you want the piece to look like. The first draft is normally nothing like the final draft. At least not to me it's not. For example, the piece I'm showing you above (the tank with the bow) is in it's first draft stage. I look at that right now, and am already coming up with other ways that I could do that. To make it more unique. 

I just don't know how to put that into sketch form yet. I know that it sounds kind of weird, but sometimes I have ideas that I simply cannot express. It's the same way with my thoughts on everyday life. If somebody asks me a very difficult question that takes a lot of thought, I might pause for some time before I finally am able to respond. I have to develop the ideas in my mind; find a way for it all to make sense. I don't want to end up saying something that I don't mean. And I want to be understood. Sometimes that's how I feel about my art. And my fashion design. I can't express the thoughts before they are fully developed in my brain. It just doesn't work.

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