Thursday, June 14, 2012

6.14.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey guys. It's me again. Jordan. And I have another What I Wore Today post for all of you to see. Before I go on, I must tell you. My favorite color is not purple. I swear to you it's not. It's blue. But I seem to find all of the cool clothing in purple and pink. It's a disappointment, for me especially, but I get used to it. I just thought that I'd throw that out there. And yes, this is the same scarf that I was wearing on Tuesday. But I'll get to that in a minute.

Today I experimented once again with the stacked necklaces. I didn't use to do this that much, but I really enjoy the way that it looks, so I'm probably going to stick with it. For a little while at least. There will be a better view of that in a little bit. But let's talk about the scarf now, shall we? Okay. So the scarf is, like I said before, the same one that I wore the other day. But I wore it differently. On Tuesday, I wrapped it around my neck and let the little, stubby ends just hang out. And yes, that's how I'm going to describe it. But today I draped it around my neck with both ends of it hanging down the front. Then, all you have to do is belt it around the waist. It actually ends up looking a lot like a vest. Which I also like. Adds more variation to your wardrobe in my opinion.

Please excuse the messy bed in the background. I promise it isn't as bad as it looks. But here, in this picture, you can see my hat. My black, backwards baseball cap. Or my trucker hat, as my mom likes to call it. However, I have been told, on multiple occasions, by various people, that I am the only girl they know that can pull off a baseball cap in any way, shape or form. Or one of the few anyways. I personally think that it has something to do with the personality.

And here we are, back at the necklaces. Today I didn't wear my mustache, sadly, as I normally wear it every day. But here's the thing. The mustache kept tangling up with the monogram necklace. And the monogram simply went better. Sadly. I miss my mustache.

Onward we go, in order to discover the locations of these pieces of clothing!

'OP' Basic Tee: Khols
'Merona' Jeans: Khols
Belt (Unknown Manufacturer): Khols
Purple Graphic Tee: An airport. In who knows where.
Printed Scarf (Unknown Manufacturer): Target
Sunglasses (Unknown Manufacturer): Walmart
Baseball Cap: My dad.
Typewriter Monogram Necklace: Etsy
Beaded Necklace: Myself
Pink and Purple Bracelet: Myself

Farewell my friends. Until we meet again.

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