Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6.12.2012 What I Wore Today: Jordan

Hey guys! Guess what Sarah and I decided to do. We're each going to do a "What I Wore Today" post. Hopefully every day. But we'll see how that one goes. We will see. So, as you can see from the photo above, I like to dress in layers. A lot of layers. Which is quite unfortunate, since I live in a warm climate. But that's okay. I just stay inside. That makes everything better. Until I want to play basketball. But then I just change. That's the way it normally works for me. So anyways. ONTO THE OUTFIT!

As you can probably see, I have a very eclectic style. To say the least. I like to mix anything and everything that I love into one outfit. And then I like to see what people think. Just a note, before I get onto what it is that I'm actually wearing in this eclectic ensemble; most of my clothing comes from Khols. I love the style of their clothing, plus they are always having excellent sales. Which is always a plus. But I'll list anyways, what I'm wearing, and where I got it. Some of the brands have been lost, so I might just put unknown. We'll see.

Basic Brown 'SO' Tee: Khols
'Mudd' Printed Tee: Khols
Black 'Candies' Belt: Khols
Orange 'SO' Shorts: Khols
'Mudd' Hat: Khols
'Mossimo Supply Co.' Plaid Shirt: Khols
Printed Scarf (Unknown Manufacturer): Target
Mustache Necklace: Forever 21
Paid In Full Necklace: School Donation Store
Lime Green Friendship Bracelet: Costa Rica Gift Shop
Multicolored Friendship Bracelet: Myself. I made it.

And that would be that! 

Hope you guys have a good rest of the day, and I might post later on with an update on the line. Not sure. We'll see. Talk to you later!

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